Walls of Words

Nicole Lobdell

Nicole Lobdell is a Visiting Assistant Professor of English in 19th-century British literature at DePauw University in Greencastle, IN.



DePauw University, English 282: "British Writers II: 1800 to Present” (Fall 2016)

ENG 282 surveys English literature from the Romantics with authors such as Shelley, Keats, and Byron and continuing up to the present with works by Salman Rushdie, Doris Lessing, and Seamus Heaney.  Accessible to students from every discipline, the course covers a variety of genres and addresses the shifts in the literary landscape including Romanticism, Victorian, Colonial Modern, Postmodern, and Postcolonial.  Through class discussions, presentations, papers, and exams, students explore the connections between the political and social upheavals of the period and the literary responses.  In addition to reading poetry, short stories, and excerpts from nonfiction prose of the period, students read several novels including Charles Dickens's Hard Times, Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway, and Salman Rushdie's Haroun and the Sea of Stories.